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Comic News.

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News Update! I just got back from Fall-con which was a blast!  Big thanks to anyone who bought a book or landed on this site by following the address on the promo cards. Got to talk to a lot of great people, Ursula Husted, Anne Marie Pellow, Jilly Foo, Tony DeZuniga, Dave and Kristy Strong, Rana Raeuchle, Paul Taylor and many more.
So what's happening with Song of Straygo, first, there will be a hiatus to October 27th. I want a little time to breathe and just worry about the scripts. You may note that the 27th is a monday, that's because song of
straygo is moving to monday to serve as a possible balm for the working masses, and yes more traffic for the site.

Also, part of the hiatus is to do some planning for a possible new webcomic, based on my mini-comic A Parent's Guide to Clown Safety. It is consistently one of the most popular little books I have done, and I do have quite a bit more to say about this important issue which has only begun to be tackled by the popular media and of course, our scientific and technological resources. Am I excited? yes.

Edit: hmm.. maybe not so much a clownsafety webcomic, but there need to be more minis.
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